Three Dogs"You do not own a dog, the dog owns you."
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Professional and Personal

At Elite Suites, we strive to be the best, delivering highly personalized, caring attention to each guest. In our Grooming Salon, we meet the Gold Paw Standard by providing highly qualified and certified groomers. In addition, we take no shortcuts. Every guest receives personal attention.

Starting with our bathing area, we have only the best equipment and trained personnel. Our Elite Bath utilizes a pressurized/massaging process to deep clean and massage while ensuring all loose hair is removed. We then utilize personal forced air drying (NEVER drying cages) which relaxes the pet and prepares them for their new hairdo. Again, personal attention every step of the way!

We encourage all of our clients to meet with their groomer to discuss exactly what they want done and to pass along any special tips about their pet. After all, we understand that we are taking care of a member of your family and ours!

Be sure to check into our shed-free program. We can make it so that you never have to worry about shedding again.

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