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Comfort and Safety

Our hotel design has taken both of these into account. Our luxury suites include wrought iron beds, orthopedic mattresses complete with fresh linens, color televisions, artwork and personalized attention. Each guest is treated to multiple outside exercise periods daily where they can play with several of their friends or alone if that’s what they prefer. We serve Canidae kibble as a tasty and healthy meal. Mix this with our stress reduction design which includes over 250 colorful live plants and you get a relaxing and peaceful vacation for your pet.

As for safety, we have spared no expense. Starting from the ground up, we have installed FlowCrete flooring which is a seamless, anti-bacterial, non-absorbent, pet-friendly floor system. Simply stated, it is the best floor possible. From there, we implemented a glazed block system for the walls which ensures a healthy non-contaminated environment. Next, we went airborne. Most business (pet and people) talk about how often they filter the air…we don’t filter our air! We provide fresh air every 5 minutes. This ensures that our guests are breathing clean, fresh, healthy air.

Lastly, we have installed webcams for each suite. This allows the owners to check in whenever they want from wherever they are. We utilize over 150 cameras throughout our location to ensure the safety and gold paw treatment is delivered to every guest.

Hotel Rooms
Double Suite
Hotel Rooms

Your pet may not want to leave!